Follow your bliss. 

That's the mantra that has over and over again appeared in my life and guided me through so many valleys and hills. For some, their bliss is clear and ever-present. For me, however, my bliss was very unclear until my senior year of college, Fall 2016. 

With essentially no job prospects, no internship offers, no true plan after graduation, I evaluated what types of jobs and what sort of work life would make me happy. 

I realized after spending 3 years in the Communications program at Rogers State University, I truly loved video production, finding joy in poring over every step of the process from planning, to shooting, editing, and delivering an experience, not just a product, to the viewer. 

I shot my first wedding in 2017 and have been a raving fanatic of creating wedding films. They're just the right balance of chaos, organization, urgency, and self-competition. Wedding filmmaking is a sport to me, and I aim to better myself each and every time I step onto the "field".

Since 2018, I've produced social media content and commercials for Dallas Cowboys Merchandising, highlighting apparel, hardlines, and promotions for America's Team. While this experience brings me great joy, I know I can utilize this experience to help other business grow their video marketing and showcase their products or services to the fullest extent.

No matter where video takes me next, I'll always know that this is exactly what I need to be doing, because of the relationships and experiences I've already garnered in my short time in video production. 


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